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Terms and Conditions of use of Transit Address website

These terms and conditions shall administer the relationship between Transit Address, and the visitors to the company’s website at:

The users’ use of this website constitutes their agreement to the Terms and Conditions laid out in this user agreement. The information contained in this website is prepared solely for the purpose of providing information about the company. Transit Address holds the right to amend, add or remove any content from the website without any prior notice.

Service Delivery, Guarantees and Insurance

The service delivery timelines mentioned in the website are based on previous history. Neither Transit Address nor its parent company or any 3rd party couriers are liable for any delay caused due to sudden change in weather, airline reschedules, customs clearance, inaccurate or improper delivery information, etc.

At Transit Address, we always endeavor to offer the hastened service to all our valued customers.   

Customers must follow the instructions mentioned on the website for proper service, including correct declaration of contents, updating the US tracking number packages, using the correct name and address on all packages and avoiding the use of USPS for delivery. If any customer fails to comply with the instructed procedures, we shall not be liable for the delays caused then.

Transit Address holds the right to deny shipping those consignments that fails the inspection procedure and doesn’t match with the declared item description or value. Moreover, we also have the right to terminate your service without any prior notice in case of shipping banned items, false declaration, or failure to make payment on time.

It is mandatory to opt for Insurance on Transit Address for minimum of Rs.250/- and/or 2% of the invoice amount. Please note insurance covers only loss of shipment and not damage to shipment. Till the time your contents are intact, you have to accept your consignment. You cannot refuse to accept the consignment if it is delivered to you in an intact condition. Insurance claims, if any, will be cross-checked with the consignment’s invoice as the proof of value. Once you opt for insurance, you are liable to pay the insured amount prior to delivery.

Transit Address- Right for refusal of service

Transit Address and its delivery partners hold the right to deny delivery service to any customer that is found misusing the service and other points are:

  • declaring false package content
  • declaring false shipment value
  • failure to pay for shipments on time
  • false claims against the service
  • using service for commercial purposes without permission
  • shipping items that are listed on our BANNED ITEMS list
Products and Services

The products and services mentioned in this website are subject to Transit Address Terms and Conditions. These parameters will vary depending on the location, where it has to be delivered to, and the origin of the shipment. To know the local terms and conditions, please contact your nearest Transit Address service center. Not all of Transit Address products and services may be available in every country.


This website is the proprietary to Transit Address. All content like, text, graphics, images, logos, etc., on this website is the property of Transit Address along with few existing copyrighted material owned by Unique Air Express International Ltd. which is used here after taking necessary permission. Imitation of any material on this website without the consent of Transit Address or any unauthorised use will be a legal offence.


Any material contained in this website may be downloaded or used for temporary purpose with subject to following conditions:

  • it is not for public or commercial purposes
  • specific permission is granted by the company
  • no removal or modification of any notices of attribution of copyright and in absence of such notices, Transit Address will be the copyright owner or the licensee
  • no unauthorised copy of any Transit Address is to be made
  • any imitation of any portion of the material must incorporate the below mentioned copyright notice:

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Transit Address Trademarks

Transit Address and all other trademarks or trade names mentioned in these materials are the sole property of their respective owners. Nothing in this website should be copied, modified or used for in any way, except for some internal use of the organisation, without the written permission of Transit Address.  

Your valuable comments

Your appreciation and feedback means a lot to us. It helps us to grow and work even more efficiently.  Though it becomes a little onerous to address each comment individually, but Transit Address will be free to reply on any comment you submit.

Limitation of liability

The website along with the information offered through this, comes with no warranty along with inaccuracies or other errors. The owners make no warranty for the availability, accuracy and completeness of the content on the website. Under no circumstance, Transit Address will be liable to any one for any special, indirect or consequential damage related to the use of the information contained on the webpage.    

Accuracy of the site

Transit Address holds the right to correct errors, if any, exist in the website in terms of the content. The content on this website is updated on a regular basis and in case there are errors, Transit Address has the sole discretion to take care of that.     

Disclosure of information

The information provided by the visitors to the Transit Address website will be kept confidential and will not be disclosed to any third party unless needed for the provision of the services. This holds a strong base on the    

1. You may receive call from us.
2. You will receive deals and discounts notifications periodically.

Refund Policy

All your paid consignments will be delivered to you within 30 working days and in case of failure to deliver that within the stipulated time frame, we’ll refund the complete shipping charge. As per our insurance policy, we compensate for the not damaged, lost or stolen consignments, if it is insured as per our policy. the    

Cancel and Return Policy

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Booking/Payment Flow

From the dispatch of the consignment from our Transit Address warehouse around the world to its delivery, the whole payment will be due including custom duty and insurance charges. Once the consignment is delivered, you need to pay the full amount.

Note:Consignments weighing more than 32Kgs cannot be shipped. Such consignments can only be delivered through Air cargo.